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Nature’s Remedy operates a state-of-the-art cultivation facility in Lakeville, MA. We operate off-the-grid and produce our own electricity!



Our extraction lab produces our AiroPro vaporizer cartridges. We will have our NR line of concentrates available later this year.



Our brand of edibles and infusions is called Apostrophe. We currently have chocolate bars, fruit chews, and tinctures for sale.. more coming soon!


We are the exclusive producer of AiroPro vaporizer cartridges in Massachusetts. AiroPro is an advanced vapor system that produces 3x the vapor compared to a regular vape cartridge. We fill these magnetic cartridges with pure, high potency distillate oil. Learn more by clicking below!


We grow some of the highest THC flower in MA! We constantly rotate the NR strains on our menus… you can even find our flower on the shelves at other dispensaries in the State. We offer pre-rolled joints and flower in various sizes and price points to ensure there is something on the menu for everyone. Here are a few of our favorite strains!

Pinky's Advice

60/40 Sativa

(The White x Jillybean) x Loud Sour

Pinky’s Advice is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a diesel-dominated aroma and subtly sweet undertones. Trichomes are beautifully pronounced on this super frosty, often sticky bud. Known for its consistently high TAC, this flower provides a potent buzz that promises to put a smile on your face. Pinky’s advice: sit back and enjoy the ride.

Cookies & Cream

50/50 Hybrid

Starfighter x GSC

Cookies & Cream, originally bred by Exotic Genetics, is a must try. Undertones of skunky petrol compliment its creamy aroma. Buds have a rigid calyx formation and are dowsed in trichomes and stiff orange pistils. Cookies & Cream has both beauty and substance, offering a desirably smooth smoke and balanced effect. Enjoy for day or nighttime use.

Caramel Apple Gelato

60/40 Indica

Apple Cider x Jet Fuel Gelato

This delicious strain from Compound Genetics is a sweet-smelling Jet Fuel Gelato cross. Caramel Apple Gelato has a subtle, smooth, sugary citrus aroma. Visually, this strain shows its diesel heritage with a light green and frosty shimmer. Improved mood and reduced stress are likely benefits of this relaxing Indica Hybrid.

  • β-Myrcene 60% 60%
  • Δ-Limonene 40% 40%
  • β-Caryophyllene 40% 40%
  • Δ-Limonene 30% 30%
  • Linalool 20% 20%
  • Δ-Limonene 30% 30%
{Very efficient service with friendly staff and plenty of different kinds of bud to purchase, I most certainly recommend. You can pay with a card or cash and if you pay with a card, you can pay curbside.
{Amazing company! Quality friendly staff that are very knowledgeable about their products. Curbside pickup was quick and effortless.
{Busy busy on a Friday night but well organized with plenty of friendly helpful staff. I was in and out in about 10 minutes.
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{Clean and Modern Building, Large open area been numerous times never had to wait. Prices are what you expect of a dispensary. They have much more variety then the ones I have been to locally.
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{Awesome staff. Super friendly and helpful. My first time there today and I literally felt like I was at a friend's place. 10/10 best dispensary experience ever.

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