Nature’s Remedy is committed to redefining the cannabis industry in Massachusetts.

Our passion for cannabis translates through all areas of our company, from seed to sale. We strive to develop a premium range of flower, concentrates, and edibles that allow consumers to own their cannabis experience. This is accomplished through quality products and service, coupled with access to information, enabling empowered cannabis consumption.

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Nature's Remedy - Our Values


Nature's Remedy - Our Values

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Cultivation & Product Manufacturing FAQs


Cultivation & Product FAQs

Where does NR make its product?

We operate our Cultivation and Product Manufacturing Facility in Lakeville, MA. 

What types of lights do you use to grow?

We use four different types of lighting in our grow. We start with Metal Halide bulbs in our Mother Room. We use fluorescent T5 lights in our Clone Room. LED lighting is used in our Veg room, and finally, High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights are used in our Flower Rooms.

What is Airopro?

Airopro is an Advanced Vaporizer System offering a sleek, durable, rechargable battery and magnetic 500MG cartridges. We use CO2 oil and proprietary terpene blends to create the cartridges, which are only compatible with AiroPro devices. NR has the exclusive rights to produce and distribute AiroPro in Massachusetts. NR x AiroPro

What is distillate?

Distillate is a cannabis concentrate that strips the crude oil of most particulate including various cannabinoid compounds, terpenes, and most remaining plant matter. Distillate is also called THC distillate; basically the only thing remaining in the oil is THC.

What type of extraction do you do?

The basis for most of our extracted material comes through a Supercritical CO2 extraction. We mainly take our crude oil produced from the Supercritical CO2 extraction and process it into Distillate. In the future, we will also run a cold water solventless extraction process.

What type of oil is in your edibles and cartridges?

At this point, all of our internally produced edibles and cartridges are made with Supercritical CO2 crude oil that has been processed into distillate. Distillate is infused into our edibles which provides the THC potency. Distillate is combined with terpenes to create our vape pen cartridges.

Where do your terpenes come from?

The terpenes we use in our Distillate cartridges are from a third party vendor who specializes in creating the highest quality terpenes. The terpenes we source meet all testing requirements of MA operators. Our Extraction Manager combines these terpenes into a proprietary formula to create the flavors of our AiroPro vape cartridges. Our terpenes are not extracted from the cannabis plants we grow at our cultivation facility at this time.

What are Apostrophe Edibles?

Apostrophe Edibles is Nature’s Remedy’s premium edibles line. An apostrophe indicates possession, a concept that underlies our mission of empowering consumers to own their cannabis experience. Our edibles are precisely dosed at 5mg or less per serving to ensure predictable and consistent effects. We currently create chocolate bars, fruit chews, and tinctures under this brand… more coming soon! Apostrophe Product Book

Are your edibles products gluten free/vegan/dairy free?

Apostrophe chocolate bars are gluten free. Apostrophe fruit chews are vegan/dairy-free and gluten free. Our online menu and packaging list allergens, dosing information, and nutrition information.

Who makes your edibles?

Nature’s Remedy currently has a small group of highly qualified professionals with ample experience in the culinary field. Our Director of Culinary Operations has a background working in upscale hotels and fine dining restaurants all over the country as well as competing on Top Chef’s Just Desserts where he was a runner-up, falling just short of the victory.

Will you ever have S/I/H edibles from your Apostrophe brand?

At this time all of our Apostrophe edibles are made with THC distillate without re-infused terpenes, therefore they are not indica/sativa dominant. THC distillate produces a psychoactive effect but does not offer the energizing or sedating characteristics of a sativa and indica, respectively. In the future, we plan to use “full-spectrum” cannabis oil that will be used in some of our edibles creating the Indica/Sativa effect. We don’t currently have an ETA for the launch of these products, but stay informed on these types of updates by joining Sprout!

How can I learn more about marijuana?

Nature’s Remedy is committed to the education of its customers and the community on the multitude of marijuana benefits. To learn more about marijuana, visit our Education section!

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